Anarchy Studios


I was requested to devise with a new brand for class. This had to include a logo, a business card (front and back), a letterhead, an envelope, and a mailing label. I created multiple iterations of brands before I came across Anarchy Studios.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign

Original Ideas

The original ideas I had were to be something that fell into my category of entertainment and design methodology; something grungy, weird, and perhaps horror-themed. I spent time pondering the name and quickly focused on a single title: Decrepid Design.

Decrepid Design

Most people’s thoughts would focus on the world choice of decrepid and not decrepit. The word means “worn or ruined,” so I thought I would use the original terminology for this word featuring the first spelling. “Decrepid” was how most people pronounces (and thus wrote) the word.
After more thought, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want people to think my brand was falling apart. I wanted something that could be intriguing, something that people think they understand but don’t, and something that signified I would be able to do it all without the need of any of anyone else. From graphics and illustration to making your packages, this firm would do everything that you need, design-wise.

Anarchy Studios

Anarchy Studios became the new name for my brand. This brand was able to do any and everything needed for design work. Now that the brand had its name and the reason why it was made, I had to start focusing on the logo. My first instinct was the bring the signature Anarchy logo into play.

Anarchy, By Gorian13

Using the colors red and black was something that was easy for me to decide. These are two rebellious colors that fit perfectly with Anarchy. It was time to make my own Anarchy differ from the original. To do this I had to get down and start making it by hand.

To keep my brand the way I wanted (orderly chaos), I steered away from anything using the original Anarchy symbol. Instead, I embarked upon my own variant that was clean, simple, and concise. After a couple of edits, I came to my final design.

Final Branding

Anarchy Studios represents design without somebody to rule, a design that can be orderly or chaotic. It’s not forced upon you. The design is crazy and yet stands to be in order. The color palette represents vigor and leadership (dark red) and  elegance, power, and mystery (black).

The “A” around the “A” in “Anarchy” uses smooth lines, sharp edges, and quickly catches your eye. The top of the “A” represents the blade of a scythe which ties in with the horror theme of the design. Anarchy Studios has been created.