The goal of this project was to recreate a coffee shop’s brand to make it more appealing and user-friendly. From there, the products were created in order to resemble the brand.


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XActo Knife


Coffee Grinder is a coffee shop in Newport, Rhode Island. The shop has a nice, clean environment that I wanted to portray in the logo, package, and phone application designs. I narrowed everything down to the simple aspects of what they should have on their menu and website. Once all of this information was situated, I was able to focus on the design.


Being so close to the ocean, my first instinct was to have a nice blue color; this was disregarded when in-depth research was done. The main color of the coffee shop is a green that made it look very much like an Irish Pub. They are close to the ocean and have a really peaceful, old environment that includes (but is not limited to) a more upper-class people of an elderly age group. I wanted to give them a nice clean design using curves to represent their simple and elegant location.
My first instinct was something to create something fancy. I used a Victorian theme to decide on what they would use for their logo. Victorian the is an elegant timely theme and represents this area well. Sketching away to create a feeling that is both friendly and accurate, I designed multiple logos. None of these seemed to fit the personality of the coffee shop that I was looking for.
After several visits to the coffee shop, I found that it was nothing like I expected. It was bustling with life and had friendly people just sitting next to each other talking. It was calm, simple, and exactly what I was looking for.

I started to push the idea to a new direction: simple, smooth, organic. In order to show off the more organic and fresh taste of the coffee, I used the color palettes of brown, gold, blue, and green. With the research I conducted, I settled on the green to keep the color they had. I pushed the color to be more forest oriented. Something that is full of love and life. This green was the color that you can see in the brand itself.

With this new color scheme I thought of something like Green Mountain Coffee. This was perfect as Green Mountain is a great brand with high sustainability. With this in mind, I made sure to rebrand the cups as well since the cups Coffee Grinder currently use are made of plastic.

The cup followed the finalized coffee box design; it’s simple, it’s elegant with nice textures, it looks clean and uses its new, organic colors. The K-Cups were made as well since a lot of people use the Keurig machine for their coffee and I didn’t want to limit the audience of people able to drink this fine drink. The pattern for the cup in the background is custom made.

Final Product

The final product was clean, simple, easy to work with. It looks organic, clean, fresh, and most importantly; friendly. It incorporates simple and friendly colors from something that you could see in Green Mountain Coffee, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts. The font originated from Gill Sans MT, but I edited it to have less edges and more curves. The “g” of “grinder” spirals into becoming the steam of the coffee cup below it. From here, I was able to place this new brand on a freshly crafted  coffee box, cup, coaster, and k-cups.