Hello there! I’m Scott Nedeau, a graphic, web, multimedia, and UIX designer and marketer with extensive knowledge in the Adobe Creative Suite with a personal love for After Effects, Photoshop, and photo editing. I have multiple years in the field and have expanded my knowledge immensely while studying at the New England Institute of Technology. With a strong grasp for typography, 3D modeling, animation, and branding I am able to charge into the design world with incredible amounts of knowledge and skill. I believe that I would say my real passion would be marketing, advertisements, photo editing, and animating.

Before the Designer

That being said, are probably aware of who I am based on the fact that you are visiting my website. If you have not seen my portfolio, then I highly recommend that you take a gander at it. If you have already seen it, you probably have a grasp of what I enjoy doing and the styles I employ. What you probably do not know is that I started up North (New Hampshire) where I wanted to be an architectural engineer since a very young age. I had my life planned out to the last detail… but that isn’t how life worked out for me.
In 2012, I took a trigonometry class– that was a big downfall for me. I realized I didn’t want to do that kind of math every day for the rest of my life… I was lost. Light shone through when my friend was doing a vocational program for Graphic Design and recommended that I try it.
As a child I was always drawing and building things; I had multiple sets of Legos. Creating things was a passion, so I couldn’t lose by at least trying this Graphic Design program. Then I got hooked on it and never let it go.

Great Scott! A new designer

I learned that writing was a large component of being a graphic designer well, which rocked because I love writing (I have written hundreds of poems, flash fiction, and short stories). I have used my drawing, writing, and designing abilities to make a lot of work; both in class and out.

To this day, I love design in every aspect and try to help other people get the best design possible. I spend a lot of time either; playing in Photoshop and Illustrator, often doing photo manipulation and creating fun posters; or 3D modeling and animating using Cinema 4D and After Effects. I truly enjoy doing these and hope to show others how much fun these programs are.