The objective of this piece was to create an authentic looking Pulp Fiction Magazine cover based on an up-and-coming piece of technology. This had to be achieved using the correct fonts, colors, and designs in order to entice somebody to read it.



Thought Process

I had to do quite a bit of research before starting this project, including checking out other authentic Pulp Fiction Magazines that were produced. The designs that were involved included sexual people (mainly women), monsters, and/or technology,

Using different features from each of these, I was able to get a feel for my own design. I wanted a sexy looking female, a tall antagonist, bold fonts and twisting angles. This was difficult for me since I love typography; I felt like I had disregard my natural instincts, but it was worth it since I was pleased with the final project.

The colors I chose were mainly red and yellow, since these colors are found in most pulp fiction magazines and tend to bode really well with audiences. The blue was a color chosen directly off of the Atlas Humanoid Robot. Since many pulp fiction magazine covers feature gradients, I made sure to use them in my project as well. These colors respectively stand for lust, wrath, energy, evil, purity, and seriousness (as according to Color Wheel Pro’s Color Meanings).

Font Choice

The fonts I used were Times New Roman, Add Electric City, and Sandwich. These fonts had the curvature, bold attitude, and the craziness I needed. I was able to warp the text and make something that popped out at you.  I was able to incorporate strokes and drop shadows were used to add to the “coming out at you” effect.


The final product was a magazine cover which incorporated the gradients, warped text, blazing colors, and action-packed feeling.