I was tasked with making a “How To” video within a couple of weeks. This didn’t sound too difficult, but once I got into the 3D aspect I realized it was going to take a bit longer. It took a few tries, but I was able to get a fairly decent model of a tie. Before subdividing it, it was a clunky object without much ability to move around like I wanted it to.

By adding a spline wrap, I was able to have the tie move into the shape of any spline that I would create. Once the spline was applied to the subdivided tie, I was able to give it some depth and add textures and lights.

The texture was made by adding a UV Map and bringing it into Adobe Photoshop. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the pattern and brought it into Photoshop directly. This gave me a vector of the texture that I wanted for the tie, and the bump map was a simple file that I had repeat. the UV Map and Bump map started really rough, but with some finagling I was able to make it look very nice.

The credits needed an Alpha map as well, so after I decided on the blue I was able to find a nice complimentary yellow. The lights and bump applied onto the tie looked very sleek. Since the tie was having some very close-up shots, I made sure that the texture was also high resolution.

With everything in place, from the lights and floor to all of the textures, I was ready to fully start animating. This took a long time, but the final result made it definitely worth it.

Rendering took longer than I expected at about six hours, but the final result was a very high-res model that looks amazing when fully animated.