Our world has come to a point where we are constantly working in Social Media and Websites in order to connect to people around us, getting the most views and clicks per link that we share or post that we make.

To put it bluntly, an SEO Specialist (Also known as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist) and an SM Specialist (also known as Social Media Specialist) needs to communicate. They have to work constantly to make an impression on people; they have to be active, converse, and give something that their followers enjoy, relate to, or some other form of communication. It isn’t always easy, but these Social Media Specialists put their best foot forward in order to achieve the best they can.

The phenomenal work of Chris Spooner (@chrisspooner) achieves this pretty intensely. He is especially known on the social media icon Twitter, which is where he constantly posts links to free design mockups, guides, or other freebies that help other designers. Sure, we as designers are always told “Never do anything for free,” but Chris Spooner is where that becomes more a guideline and less of a rule.

You don’t need to give away free things to be an excellent Social Media Expert. Phil Waddicor (@PWCFreelance) really emphasizes this point using his humor. He posts a lot of comedy; such as April Fools posts, or false political candidates, or sometimes even just industrial and physical designs that he enjoys. This is entirely different than Chris Spooner, but it does indeed grab people’s attention.

Not everything is about humoring people or being amazing at just Social Media Platforming. You have to learn that sometimes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge deal, especially in places like Twitter, where you only have your 150 characters. AJ Ghergich (@SEO) has been working with SEO since it’s infancy, back in 2003 to 2004. He does interviews with myriads of people and often gives tips and advice on what to do; such as telling people to work with PR, since it is one of the best ways to those “hard to come by” clicks (I.E. clicks from people who aren’t your target market). One of his big points is “Only link to people who will link to relevant information.”

In a world of Social Networking, there is a lot to to work on; from engagement and public relations, to content linking and flowing over Google’s pages to get yourself ahead.