In August 2016, I was able to attend a meetup for WordCamp Rhode Island. This event provided a lot of general information for WordCamp, events, and what was going to be provided during WordCamp at New England Tech in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

I never anticipated becoming a web designer while growing up, but I ended up loving it. With the love for WordPress, I felt that going to a WordCamp meeting would provide additional information on what really goes down in the background for large business activities.

After attending the WordCamp Meetup that I learned about using Meetup, I was more attuned to what was necessary to think of during WordCamp, or other large activities. Before the WordCamp discussion, though, I was able to learn a bit about coding for websites from two men, Aaron Ware and Jesse Friedman.

Aaron was very engaging, allowing us to speak for a nice chunk of time. He was in charge of creating a Page Builder (I wish I could remember the name off the top of my head. I will replace this text with the name whence I recall the name).

Jesse, who is also a coder, works on the WordPress plugin called “Jetpack,” which is capable of quite a lot for such a small plugin.

I was able to receive contact information for Aaron, who is expecting me to attend WordCamp RI 2016 (which, of course, I will).

Jesse Friedman

Jesse Friedman is a writer, coder, and developer who currently works with the famous WordPress plugin titled “Jetpack.” He has written a few books about WordPress, building websites using WordPress, and WordPress security.



Aaron Ware

Over the past decade, Aaron Ware has worked with leading brands, start-ups and everyone in between to develop innovative, highly interactive, feature-rich websites and online apps.

Today Aaron is becoming more active in the WordPress development scene through open source plugins and as being a guest speaker at Rhode Island and New England Area area events such as WordCamps and meetups.